Professional Skills

                                                         Professional skill Training workshop A Gift by UCDC
Intention of the program: 
You will have all essential Knowledge Attitude and Skill to live a powerful life that you want and need, by balancing Your Personal, Family, Social, Professional and Spiritual Life and made a difference to your life, those who are related to you and your Community.a
Promises of the program
1.    You will overcome your communication barriers and express naturally and effectively. 
2.    You will be able to express yourself in any kind of situation assertively and effectively, 
3.    Will have no stage fear
4.    Will be clear what you want and how to achieve it
5.    Will be powerful and independent in handling your life problems and issues.
6.    Will learn to balance and develop all areas of your life (personal, family, social, professional and spiritual)
7.    Will know yourself and others and deal with any kind of people.
8.    Will have the best time of your life.
9.    Will learn to be responsible, disciplined, authentic, assertive, creative, powerful and create powerful friends relationship for life time.
10.    Learn to enjoy problem as you will start looking them as an great opportunity to discover and develop so far unknown and undeveloped potential.
11.    How to make difference to your life, society, nation and humanity.
Topics of the workshop: 
1.    Who Am I.
2.    What are your Strength weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
3.    Powerful communication skill. Handling mike, overcoming stage fear, body language, professional and social etiquette.
4.    E-mail, sms, social networking, telephone etiquettes.
5.    What is my Intelligence, learning style?
6.    What is IQ, EQ, SQ property and develop them.
7.    Roles, Goals, Mission and Vision in life, business and society.
8.    How to set, achieve and balance personal, profession, family, professional and spiritual goals.
9.    Knowledge, Attitude skill to live a powerful and successful life.
10.    How to Choose and prioritize in life
11.    Time management
12.    Stress management
13.    Relationship management
14.    Leadership and team building skill
15.    Negotiation skill. 
16.    Creating and fulfilling powerful interpersonal and professional relationship
17.    Overcoming my Learning and performing barriers by problem solving, overcoming fear, anger, stress, self-doubt, procrastination, indecisiveness. Laziness, lack of focus and concentration etc.
18.    Know self and others and deal with all kind of people purposefully and productively.
19.    Managing and balancing mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health and staying fit for life.
20.    Creating and mastering your future destiny
21.    10 powerful laws to live a powerful life. Eg. Law of attraction, law of 80/20, law of possibility, law of luck, law of critical minimum efforts, law of negotiations, law of relationships etc. 
22.    Top Health management Skill to survive and thrive in competitive world.
Methodology of the program:
1.    Best time test modules and content
2.    Entire program is interactive and experiential and discovery learning,
3.    A lot learning games, activities, roles plays, Audio-visual ads, group exercises and practical work is involved.
4.    Minimum lectures maximum activities and presentations, experiential modules.
5.    Uses all the tools of modern psychology, psychometric testing, guidance coaching, counseling, ontology, NLP, outbound learning and experiential learning.
Timings of Training program:
1.    7 days program 
2.    Daily 9am to 6pm
3.    Starting every last week of every month. (Monday to Sunday)
For whom is this program
1.    All above 18 and above 12th standards
2.    All professionals
3.    All students and immigration aspirants.
4.    All colleagues can do it together
5.    All classmates can come and participate together
How many seats are available:
 50 seats are available per program.
First come first basis will be considered.
What is expected from you..
1.    Come participate experience, enjoy, implement and share.
2.    Practice what you learn and enjoy the benefits.
3.    Share with all what you have learnt, enjoyed and find beneficial.
4.    Be present in the entire program.
5.    Pay the refundable charges (just to make you serious, Disciplined and committed for learning)
6.    Implement what you learnt and share with all whole heartedly
7.    Learn hundred percent so that what you  take could give and share with other also.
Trainers for the program:
•    Sanjeev sharma (Learning and Behavior consultant, Corporate trainers)
•    Jwalant Bhavsar
•    Suresh Prajapati
•    Patanjali Prajapati
Why this program is without charge:
UCDC is a Trust which works to guide, educate, empower and prepare patidar youth for success in their personal, family, social and professional life. This is vision guided initiative hence supported by Patidar community. We believe if all Patidar Youth enjoyed and benefited from This selfless services will also share whole heartedly with others hence will benefit the entire society.
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