Graduates and their career choices Graduation is completing 90% of the academic life that an average Indian student studies for. Once done with graduation, comes the crucial and critical question, career options after graduation. The other important question that graduates are faced with is the choice of after graduation courses. Both the above question lead to one single objective. A successful career. In choosing a career option after graduation, the general methodology being to pick the first available job. Now that becomes a choice which was not made, but taken. The next 40-45 years is then spent in justifying that choice, whether you are right for it or no. But since the choice was taken, there is no other alternative but to hover around it and adjust yourselves according to the demands of the career, irrespective of your ability and internal personality. Is it the right way? Surely and logically, no. The right thing is to select what suits you and then excel in it. does the choice for you based on your natural ability and personality for career options after graduation and after graduation course, through career assessment programs. Go for it and secure your career..

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