Late Shri Keshubhai V.Patel

Ex-president of Umiya Mataji Sansthan,Unjha

Shri Keshubhai Patel was the person of Umiya Mataji Sansthan. He worked comprehensively for the enlargement & development of Patidar Samaj till 85 years of his age.

He put massive efforts for helping the youth to secure government jobs. He also worked extensively for betterment of Widows and those who were left by their husbands. For these Nobel works, he searched likeminded and good people and assigned related responsibilities.

It was his dream seeing Patidar youth becoming IAS /IPS. So he selected Ahmedabad as a training centre. It has benefited to our Patidar society a lot and has become an inspiration for other societies.


Shri Anilbhai Patel

President of Shree Umiya Mataji Sansthan, Unjha

He carried out vision of Shri Keshudada as his mission. He started IAS / IPS centre in Ahmedabad as part of his responsibility to Samaj.

When mass people are getting retired from Government Jobs and there are likely to be big number of vacancies in this sector, he put his comprehensive efforts by his Mind, Heart & Wealth for larger number of youth of Patidar Samaj to join IAS / IPS training centre and make their career in Government sectors and make samaj feel proud. He has created an environment where the students have access to all that is required to prepare for the civil services examination effectively, efficiently and enthusiastically by ensuring them excellent coaching, books, food and accommodation.

He is also president of Ganpat University and mentoring students with his academic experience as well.

Vision & Mission of UCDC


Help and guide youth & student community in preparing for various Competitive Examination with focus on self-motivated, self-directed and self-learning process.

To exemplify Excellence and Leadership Education to make every aspirant as effective members of a Knowledge Community. It will use them to best serve the India & the world and for the betterment of mankind.

We do not "train" candidates for the Civil Services; we make them effective member of a Knowledge Community. We encourage potential candidates to compete in the Competitive Exams.

We equip them to be a part of that elite fraternity who has the immense potential to bloom into dynamic and highly competent Civil Servants, taking the society to greater glory with good governance.

Our vision is creating a dependable and qualitative coaching institute for preparing the aspirants appearing in the Competitive Examination. Further to help the aspirant to discover his potential, to not only be a successful candidate but also successful person in his life.

Help and guide youth & student community in preparing for various Competitive Examination with focus on self-motivated, self-directed and self-learning process.


To provide the best in class training for Competitive Examinations.

To motivate the financially weak, but deserving candidates for Competitive Examination.

To help individuals serve the society better.

To give opportunity to young people who have dynamic and fertile minds, have ability to empathize, and the courage of their convictions.

Our role is to inculcate self confidence in ones innate talents, enhance the skills to succeed in Competitive Examinations and establish values that would allow him to act with thoughtfulness and compassion.